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Jon Grepstad Pinhole photography Moneta Camera Obscura Digital Camera Obscura Why pinhole camera The Digital Camera Obscura (DCO) connects the beginning of photography with modern digital photographic technology. The DCO, developed by Felix Hardmood Beck at the University of the Arts, Berlin in 2004/05, with the support of Bernd Wille, is worldwide the first of its kind.

A pinhole camera, commonly known as "Camera Obscura" (latin for dark room), is a dark cavity where light can fall in through a little whole. On the opposite side of the whole an upsite down, mirror-wrong image of the large-far-world forms. On the one hand there is the genious simplicity of a pinhole camera that encaptured the great environment which surrounds us on light-sensitive materials such as paper or film, yet nowadays transports the analog brightness measures into the dataspace of digital imaging. On the other hand we have all the possibilities to see the unusual view of a Camera Obscura, and are able to share this with others on the web, on paper, in projections or other means of communication.

The delivered magic of a Camera Obscura from the early stages of the photography comes together with the magic of virtual modern times.

Original problems arise in other form also with the DCO, however us the new, manipulate and medium capable for editing and comes digital to property! An appropriate computer often commodity provides remedy and converts the picture according to user desires, so that one gets the image in jet time time on the laptop.

by Felix Hardmood Beck

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